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Our Team

Karthikeyani Chellappa PhD
Principal Investigator

Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Center on the Biology of Aging

Karthi started her lab at Brown University in May 2023. Karthi is a hard-core metabolism enthusiast. Karthi is leading her team to tackle the biology of aging from the perspective of the host and host-microbiome interactions using an array of interdisciplinary approaches with a goal of identifying interventions to promote healthy aging. She is also passionate about inter-organ communications and systemic metabolism. She looks forward to connecting with researchers near and far.  In her free time, Karthi loves to read, scout out new restaurants, and relax with friends and family.

Anthony Comeau PhD
Senior Research Associate

Tony is a  trained organic chemist. He began his career extracting and testing the antibacterial properties of medicinal compounds from plants native to the Peruvian Andes mountain region. He synthesized and tested small molecule probes for various proteins implicated in diseases like diabetes, cartilage degradation and the bubonic plague during his graduate studies. He currently runs the LC-MS instrument for metabolomics in the Chellappa Lab. He likes organic gardening and cooking. He also likes to bike and boat.

anthony_comeau at brown dot edu


 Ian Kim
Undergrad Researcher

Ian Kim is a junior at Brown University, concentrating in Public Health and Linguistics. He is currently working on tracking metabolite change during aging and would like to eventually like to correlate metabolite change to other factors and comorbidities. Ian is originally from California and plays violin and runs in his free time. He is also involved in student government at Brown.

ian_kim at brown dot edu

Owen Lockwood
Undergrad Researcher

Owen Lockwood is a Junior at Brown University double concentrating in Biology Sc. B. Immunology Track and Sociology. His research interests currently include culturing and studying anaerobes from our gut microbiome, and discovering the role of NAD and its precursors in IBD. Outside of the lab, Owen enjoys practicing, teaching, and competing in taekwondo, playing his violin, and video games.

owen_lockwood at brown dot edu

Naicheng (Arnie) He
Undergrad Researcher

Naicheng He, who also goes by Arnie, is a sophomore at Brown University studying Math and Computer Science. Within data science, his interest include applying deep learning techniques on various fields of science and big model interpretation. Naicheng’s work in a collaboration between Singh and Chellappa lab emphasizes on statistical analysis with metabolite data. Outside school, Naicheng has a passion for reading, cooking, and traveling.

naicheng_he at brown dot edu


Aanya Rao
High school Student

Aanya Rao is a high school senior at NPS International School Singapore. Aanya is an aspiring medical student interning in Chellappa Lab to further her knowledge in understanding the connection between gut microbiome, metabolism and ageing.
Aanya is passionate about giving back to the community, and founded Art:Connect, a youth organisation that integrates the use of art in healthcare. Aanya is a trained Indian classical dancer and enjoys exploring different art forms. 

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