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Join us!

We are actively recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

We accept applications from postdoctoral researchers on a rolling basis.  We value critical and independent thinking,  versatility, and ability to take ownership of the project. Candidates  will be expected to employ multidisciplinary approach to tackle biological questions of interest. Projects will be tailored to fit the long-term goals of the postdoctoral trainees. Interested candidates should submit 

1. CV

2. A one page cover letter describing your research interests, career goals, and how you can specifically contribute to  one of the ongoing research projects

3. Contact information of three references

Candidates will be required to apply for eligible postdoctoral funding.

Graduate students

MCB and Pathobiology graduate students interested in  rotating in the lab should send

1. CV 

2. Brief description of specific interest in one of the ongoing research projects.

To reserve a spot for lab rotation we encourage students to contact as early as possible.

Graduate students will be trained rigorously in creative and independent thinking to lead a inter-disciplinary project. Mentoring will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual trainees, as one size does not fit all in mentoring philosophy.


Prospective students interested in our lab should directly apply to MCB and/ or Pathobiology graduate programs.

Undergradute students

We recruit students majoring in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Computational Biology. We expect a commitment of a minimum of 15 hrs per week during school year and willingness to spend two summers in the lab. Students planning on taking gap year(s) after graduation are encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate students  will be required to apply for one or more fellowship and grant programs available to support summer research.


Undergraduate students who join the lab will participate in one of the ongoing research projects and gain a real-life exposure to biomedical research and learn what it takes to be a scientist.

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